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My first crochet project was a monkey, didn't fully understand what the instructions were trying to tell me, so he came out with incorrect stitches and a wonky head. (We all have to start somewhere). The process did eventually click, and suddenly there were little woollen animals all over my sitting room. Knowing full well that I couldn't keep making and keeping, there was only one solution (apart from stopping) and that was to see if my creations would sell.


This is a picture from my first fair. It was arranged to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in 2022. My stock was limited to children's toys and the weather was initially damp and windy; but people were interested (to my surprise), so I signed up for another event, and then another. You could argue that the Queen helped start my business!

Within my first year I had gone from baby comforters to bags of Easter eggs. My increased ability and the different seasons, have opened up new ideas for an ever changing shop front.

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